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Amplify Your Voice

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Welcome to the AmplifyPR Youth Volunteering Program!


Are you a young and creative individual looking to make a real impact while honing your skills? Join our exciting initiative and dive into the world of Public Relations! Our program offers you a unique opportunity to give back to your community, empower your peers, and supercharge your resume.


Why Volunteer with Us?


Unleash Your Creativity: As a volunteer at AmplifyPR, you'll be at the forefront of content creation for your fellow young minds. Express your creativity through writing, design, social media, and more, all while amplifying important messages.


Make a Difference: Your voice matters. Help shape the narratives that resonate with your generation. Advocate for causes that matter, raise awareness, and inspire action among your peers.


Skill Building: Gain hands-on experience in PR, content creation, and digital communication. Develop a versatile skill set that will set you apart in future educational and professional pursuits.


CV Booster: Stand out from the crowd! Volunteering with AmplifyPR shows future colleges, universities and employers your dedication, initiative, and commitment to creating positive change.


Flexibility: We understand the demands of school and other commitments. Our program offers flexible volunteering options that fit your schedule.


Ready to Join?


Taking the first step is easy:


Apply: Email your CV to and tell us about yourself, your interests, and why you're excited to be a part of AmplifyPR. If you don’t have a CV, that's fine - drop us an email anyway!


Create Impact: Once onboarded, you'll collaborate with our team to generate impactful content that resonates with your peers. From blog posts to social media campaigns, your creativity knows no bounds.


Build Your Portfolio: Every piece of content you create adds to your portfolio. Showcase your work and growth to future colleges, universities and employers.


Celebrate Success: Watch as your work drives engagement, sparks conversations, and creates a positive impact within the community. Celebrate your contributions and the change you're making.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a part of AmplifyPR's Youth Volunteer Program. Make your mark, inspire change, and build a brighter future for your generation. Apply now and let your journey in PR begin!


Remember, your voice has the power to shape perceptions and drive action. Join us today and let's create a better tomorrow, together.


Want to make a submission? Upload your content here 

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