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Calling all Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities in Southend-on-Sea, Essex! We have an exciting opportunity to empower and engage your students.

For Schools

Introducing Find Your Voice, a ground breaking platform tailor-made for young people aged 13 and above. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of your students in five essential areas: Passion, Voice, Action, Skills, and Wellbeing.


Imagine the possibilities:


Passion: Ignite their interests with a plethora of activities and resources that align with their passions.


Voice: Give them the confidence to speak up, express themselves, and be heard.


Action: Encourage them to make a difference, take meaningful actions, and lead change in their community.


Skills: Equip them with vital life skills, from creativity to leadership, to prepare for a successful future.


Wellbeing: Promote mental and physical health, ensuring their overall well-being is nurtured and prioritised.


Here's how your students can benefit from Find Your Voice:


Online Youth Club: Connect your students to a vibrant, supportive online youth community where they can collaborate, learn, and grow.


Local Activity Map: Ensure they never miss out on support with our comprehensive map of youth provisions in Southend-on-Sea.


Advice and Support: Provide them with valuable signposting services to access advice and support when they need it most.


Dynamic Events: Keep them engaged with a dynamic events page filled with exciting opportunities to participate in.


Don't let your students miss out on the chance to shape their futures, develop essential life skills, and contribute positively to their community.


Take Action Today!

Empower your students with Find Your Voice and watch them thrive like never before

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