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How to upload your content!

Submission and Guidance

Are you passionate about supporting the growth and development of the next generation? We have an exciting opportunity that aligns perfectly with your community-minded values and CSR policies.


Introducing Find Your Voice, a groundbreaking platform dedicated to empowering children and young people aged 13 and above in Southend-on-Sea. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and enrich their lives in five essential areas: Passion, Voice, Action, Skills, and Wellbeing.


Here's how your business can make a lasting impact with Find Your Voice:


Online Youth Club: Support a thriving online youth community where local young people can connect, share, and learn. Consider sponsoring or hosting engaging online activities that align with your industry and share your expertise.


Local Activity Map: Join our efforts to provide a map of youth activity provisions in Southend-on-Sea. Your involvement can help ensure your business is known for supporting local youth initiatives.


Advice and Support: Contribute to signposting services, offering guidance or resources that can benefit the youth in our community. Your expertise can make a significant difference.


Events: Sponsor or participate in our events page, showcasing your commitment to the community and connecting with potential customers who share your values.


By partnering with Find Your Voice, your business not only strengthens its local presence but also plays a pivotal role in nurturing the talents, ambitions, and well-being of the youth in Southend-on-Sea.


Take Action Now!

Join us in shaping a brighter future for our youth and our community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference through Find Your Voice.

Southend YMCA’s Find Your Voice (FYV) network is all about giving you the opportunity to amplify your voice, take meaningful actions, develop essential skills, and nurture your wellbeing. Creating your own content will not only give you the chance to express your creativity, it will also inspire your peers and amplify the topics/messages that matter to you! 


What type of content should I submit?

Express your creativity through writing, design, social media, and more! From blog posts to social media campaigns, your creativity knows no bounds – choose one of the 5 FYV themes and run with it! Here are some tips for how to make your content engaging, no matter which format you choose:

  • Write or record yourself speaking about something you are passionate about. 

  • Use visuals and quotes to bring your work to life.

  • Keep your content concise and engaging – consider breaking your content into smaller parts if you have a lot to say!

  • Have a call to action – what do you want other people to action after reading your content? 


Please make sure the content is not offensive or unsuitable for public release. All submissions will be checked prior to release so we will let you know if we feel it is not suitable. 


How and where do I submit my content?

You can submit your content simply by completing the content submission form HERE. 


When will my content go live? 

Once you have submitted your content it will be reviewed by your peers in the Amplify PR Agency, who will come back to you with any feedback or changes before it goes live. The Agency will aim to review and submit the content within one month of submission. When your content has been approved watch as your work drives engagement, sparks conversations, and creates a positive impact within the community.

Please remember to give your consent clicking the link or by scanning the QR code.

What type of content are you submitting
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