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Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition

In a world that often emphasizes the voices of the older generation, providing our youth with a platform to express themselves is more crucial than ever. Our Find Your Voice (FYV) project has created an online platform to assist young people in discovering their passions, amplifying their voices, taking meaningful actions, developing essential skills, and nurturing their well-being. To launch this digital platform, Southend YMCA organised a "Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition," offering young artists aged 13 and over an exciting opportunity to express themselves through art. This competition encouraged participants to create artwork reflecting one of the following categories: passion, action, voice, skills, or well-being.

Competition Categories:

  • Passion: Create art that portrays your innermost passions and what drives you.

  • Action: Depict moments of empowerment, change, and positive impact through your artwork.

  • Voice: Explore the theme of self-expression, advocacy, and the power of your voice.

  • Skills: Showcase your artistic skills and techniques in any medium of your choice.

  • Wellbeing: Express the importance of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing through your art.

In a kaleidoscope of colours and a symphony of creativity, the "Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition" has drawn to a close, leaving behind a legacy of artistic expression and community empowerment. This competition not only encouraged young people to explore the depths of their creativity but also provided a platform for self-discovery and community celebration. Today, we revel in the young artists successes.

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived – the winners of the "Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition" are ready to be revealed! After weeks of anticipation, a burst of creativity, and an outpouring of artistic expressions, the time has come to celebrate the talented young minds. Here are winners with their creative arts:🥁🥁🥁🥁

First prize goes to Ella Bromfield in the 'Skills' artwork category.

Second prize goes to Cassandra Butler in the ‘Voice’ artwork category

Third prize goes to Joanna Newman in the ‘Wellbeing’ artwork category

Honourable Mention goes to Leif Merchant in the 'Passion' artwork category.

Ella Bromfield's artwork, accompanied by a brief description “This artwork represents how I view my art; mentally and physically. Physically, it shows my viewpoint of drawing. The addition of equipment such as a pencil and rubber makes it even more realistic and natural. Mentally, it shows the midpoint of when a drawing is coming together, but is not looking as you envisioned. During those times, I have to persevere and remind myself of how the outcome will be worth all of the hard work. Skill often requires discipline, but can create something beautiful.”

Ella- “I’m so delighted and proud for winning this prize. It means so much to have my art appreciated. Thank you! Working hard and developing your skills can be challenging, but it’s always worth it!”

Cassandra Butler's artwork, accompanied by a brief description "My artwork represents how your voice can make such a difference or impact. By giving someone and small compliment or even just saying please and thank you, you can make someone's day so much better, and you might not even know it.

Cassandra Butler- “Your voice matters, be the rainbow in someone else's cloud.”

Joanna Newman 's artwork, accompanied by a brief description Remembering people from the war”

Joanna Newman “I am so happy for coming third and this piece of art work I did I just wanted to remember the people that flighted for this country.”

Leif Merchant 's artwork, accompanied by a brief description “Watching everyone come together as a community to play YU-GI-OH cards and having a positive impact in the world.”

As we applaud the winners for their outstanding achievements, let's also celebrate the collective success of the "Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition."

The top three winners will receive £50, £20, and £10 in Amazon vouchers, certificates of achievement, and have their winning artworks featured prominently as 'tiles' on the new "Find Your Voice" youth network website—testimonials to the talent of our young artists and beacons of inspiration for future generations.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the "Find Your Voice: Youth Art Competition." Your creativity has painted a vivid tapestry of Southend's dynamic youth culture, and your voices have resonated far beyond the competition. Here's to a future filled with even more art, expression, and the enduring spirit of "Finding Your Voice".

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